Sterling Probate


Our services are usually required when someone has died without leaving a valid will, or a will that does not make provision for the distribution of all of their assets, and the next of kin is unknown. Our role is to identify, locate and substantiate all those entitled to a share in the estate. We are sometimes instructed by solicitors or other interested parties, or we may undertake work on our own initiative.

Through a process of genealogical research and the utilisation of public records, documentation and various databases that we have at our disposal, we are able to compile a family tree featuring the entitled relatives and provide all relevant documentation to the estate administrator.

We Are On The Data Protection Register - this means that all personal information is kept confidential and is not used for any purpose other than our genealogical research and establishing the claims of heirs. We have, on numerous occasions, been instrumental in reuniting families who have lost touch, but only with the agreement of all parties concerned.

It Won’t Cost You Anything. If you enter into an agreement with us, we can guarantee that at no time will you be asked for any money, and that all fees, including legal costs and taxes, will come directly from the estate. Our fee is a percentage of whatever benefit you receive, and is not paid until the administration has been concluded and all beneficiaries have received their share. VAT is only charged on our fee and not on your share of the estate.

If for any reason you do not inherit - for instance, a will is discovered or closer kin comes forward - you will have no liability and nothing to pay.


I was surprised to hear of the passing of my relative. The service you provided was very thorough and very fast. It really is a life changing amount.

A. Ross, West Yorkshire

I am so grateful you tracked me down. My windfall will enable my son to buy his first home.

E Nicholson, Norfolk