Sterling Probate

Public Sector...

We have assisted local authorities, NHS trusts, coroners officers and the Metropolitan police service to successfully identify and locate next of kin, often after their own efforts of tracing family members have failed. As a consequence, we have enabled relatives to be a part of the funeral arrangements and to take over the administration of the estate, saving the local authority or hospital trust both time and money, and recouping any costs incurred more swiftly and efficiently than if the estate had been referred to the treasury solicitor.

If you refer an estate to us:

  • We can give you an update within 24 hours, indicating whether there is likely to be next of kin.
  • Once next of kin has been established, we can provide you with a family tree and full documentation proving the relationship.
  • We can locate family members that you are aware of, but have no contact details for.
  • We can validate the relationships of anyone claiming to be next of kin.
  • Even if there is no next of kin, we will provide you with a full report of our findings.
  • Even if there is no estate, or the estate has a value of under £5000, we will locate any relatives and put them in touch with you, at no cost to the local authority or to the family.
  • We are also able to assist in the identification and location of the owners of empty homes in your area.
  • All information, given or discovered, is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We guarantee that all services to the public sector are free of charge, with no hidden costs.


I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I was for the opportunity to attend my cousin's funeral. Although we were never very close, I would have hated to think that no one was there

J. Connor, London

Fortunately my sisters and I were able to clear Aunt E's house after she passed. We found so many things, photographs, letters and the like. Not worth any money, of course, but priceless to our family.

M. Burgess, Devon